SAW X 2023 Review Of SAW Saga: The Revival of Torturous Thrills And Horror

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By Bhargab Kaushik

SAW X 2023 Review Of SAW Saga: Few film series have made as big an impact on the horror film industry as the “Saw” series. With the arrival of “Saw X” in 2023, what began as a low-budget, high-concept thriller in 2004 has developed into a major motion picture phenomenon.

SAW X 2023 Review Of SAW Saga

“Saw X” heralds the return of the iconic franchise and is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who has worked on several other Saw films. This review explores whether the most recent episode lives up to its macabre legacy.

The Plot:

The setting of “Saw X” is a post-pandemic society, giving the traditional formula a modern twist. In it, Costas Mandylor reprises his role as Detective Mark Hoffman, who becomes caught up in a fresh round of Jigsaw murders. As the story progresses, we meet a fresh cast of ethically dubious characters who are made to confront their previous deeds in ever-more-gruesome ways.

The Trap Design:

The elaborate and deadly trap designs are one of the “Saw” franchise’s defining characteristics. This is one area where “Saw X” delivers. The characters and the audience’s stomachs are put to the test by the traps, which are once again creative and gory. The movie excels at building suspense as each trap is revealed, providing heart-pounding scenes that keep you on the tip of your seat.

Character Development:

“Saw X” makes an effort to give its characters more depth, despite the fact that the “Saw” series isn’t known for its rich character development. By learning more about the victims’ origins and motivations, the viewer develops a more intimate relationship with them. This adds a dimension of empathy, intensifying the moral conundrums people encounter.

“Saw X” offers a pleasant reunion with some recognizable characters for longstanding franchise fans. In flashback scenes that show the development of John Kramer, a.k.a. Jigsaw, Tobin Bell reprises his legendary performance. These clips give the series’ beginnings a fond nod.

Gore And Scares:

As anticipated, “Saw X” doesn’t hold back on the gore. Even seasoned horror lovers will squirm at some of the sequences thanks to the excellent practical effects work. To keep the audience’s heart rates up, the movie also uses its signature creepy atmosphere and frightening soundtrack. Even while some of the jump scares seem conventional, there are some truly terrifying scenes that show off the franchise’s capacity for fright.

The Twist:

The “Saw” franchise is known for its love of unexpected twists, and “Saw X” doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Without giving anything away, suffice it to say that the movie pulls off a twist that deepens the story while allowing opportunity for more episodes.


“Saw X” successfully resurrects the series by giving fans a new round of gore, suspense, and ethical dilemmas. Although it doesn’t innovate, it plays to the series’ strengths and provides a satisfying conclusion to the “Saw” story. “Saw X” offers a twisted, heart-pounding experience that serves as a reminder of why Jigsaw’s legacy continues to survive in the horror genre, whether you’re a devoted fan or a newcomer to the franchise.

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