RR Kabel IPO Allotment Status: When and where to check it online?

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By Bhargab Kaushik

On September 13, 2023, the RR Kabel IPO officially started, and it concluded on September 15, 2023. The RR Kabel IPO will raise about $1964 crores. Retail quota is 35%, NII is 15%, and QIB is 50%. For equity shares, the fixed price range is between 983 and 1035. The RR Kabel IPO Allotment Status is anticipated on September 21, 2023. Shares will be credited to your demat account on September 25, 2023, and refunds will begin on September 22, 2023. A tentative listing date for the company’s shares on the BSE and NSE is Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

RR Kabel IPO Allotment Status: When and where to check it online?

RR Kabel IPO Allotment Status

A maximum of 50% of the shares in the RR Kabel initial public offering (IPO) have been reserved by the company for qualified institutional buyers (QIB), 15% have been put aside for non-institutional investors (NII), and 35% have been reserved for retail investors. Additionally, 1.15 lakh shares have been set aside by the company for its employees, who are being offered shares at a discount of 98 rupees per share off the final offer price. The company has reserved 10.8 crore rupees worth of shares in the RR Kabel IPO for its employees. 

In contrast to the 1,33,17,737 shares that were made available, 32,85,534 bids were received for the RR Kabel IPO. In contrast to the 66,01,237 shares that were up for bid in this portion of the RR Kabel IPO, bids for 23,93,762 shares were received from retail investors. Bids for 8,18,258 of the 28,29,102 shares offered to non-institutional investors in the RR Kabel IPO were received. The QIBs sector received bids for 7,084 shares in the RR Kabel IPO, compared to the 37,72,137 shares that were initially offered. Although 1,15,261 shares were made available, only 66,430 shares were purchased for the employee portion.


The most likely culprit for this enhanced GMP is the IPO GMP reputation and performance of RR Kabel in the electrical cable and wire industry. Investors have been drawn to the company due to its track record of steady growth, leadership in the sector, and bright future.

Approaching GMP must be done with some care. High GMPs might signal investor confidence but they can also signal possible overvaluation. 

Name of the CompanyR R. Kabel
IPO OpensSeptember 13, 2023
IPO ClosesSeptember 15, 2023
Face valueRs. 5/share
Share PriceRs. 983 – Rs. 1,035/share
1 Lot14 Shares
Total SizeRs. 1,964.01 Crores
Offer for saleRs. 1,784.01 Crores
ListingNSE, BSE
Allotment DateSeptember 21, 2023
RefundsSeptember 22, 2023
Listing DateSeptember 26, 2023
Website of the Companywww.rrkabel.com

Investors should conduct extensive due diligence, assessing the firm’s financials, competitive landscape, and development possibilities. Additionally, keep in mind that RR Kabel IPO GMP Today is unofficial and subject to quick modification. Investors should think carefully before participating in the RR Kabel IPO GMP and take professional advice into account, among other things.

How to Check RR Kabel IPO Allotment Status?

  • Visit the BSE/NSE website or the official website of the registrar.
  • Enter your PAN card information or application number.
  • To check the status of your allocation, complete the form below.
  • Additionally, you can check for updates via your email notifications and demat account.
  • If allocation is given to you, shares will be added to your demat account. You’ll get your application fee back if it isn’t approved.

RR Kabel IPO GMP Valuation

Interesting investor sentiment is revealed by the RR Kabel IPO GMP Valuation. Investors may be willing to pay more for the company’s secondary market shares with a high GMP prior to listing. This premium may be explained by RR Kabel’s strong position in the electrical cable and wire industry, continuous growth, and market potential.

IPO GMP RR Kabel Valuation necessitates care. Overvaluation may be indicated by high GMPs, but investor confidence is. To ascertain the premium, investors should investigate the company’s finances and growth potential. Basic understanding is necessary to take part in RR Kabel’s IPO and guarantee that the valuation appropriately reflects the company’s worth.

Objects of the Issue

The firm plans to use the net proceeds from the offering to support the following: – 

  • Repayment or payback of bank and financial institution borrowings.
  • General corporate purposes.

RR Kabel IPO Review

The RR Kabel IPO GMP Review gives less attention to stock performance and investor sentiment. Recent data indicates that RR Kabel’s IPO GMP has attracted interest and that there is a significant secondary market demand for its shares. Interest has grown as a result of RR Kabel’s dominant position in the electrical cable and wire industry, its steady expansion, and the promising future of the industry.

However, this GMP evaluation must be taken seriously. A high RR Kabel IPO GMP Review could be a sign of market confidence or overvaluation. Investors should research the company, evaluate its finances, and think about their goals before participating in the IPO. They must comprehend the GMP drivers in order to form informed judgements and match the product to their investing strategy and risk tolerance.

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