No One Will Save You movie review 2023-A Sci-Fi Horror Film with Untapped Potential

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By Bhargab Kaushik

No One Will Save You movie review 2023 :”In the sci-fi horror community, “No One Will Save You,” Brian Duffield’s most recent work, has received a lot of attention. The movie, which stars Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn, introduces us to a lady who lives alone in seclusion and spends her days fiddling with objects, cooking, and dancing. Her peaceful life suddenly takes a terrifying turn as an unnatural entity intrudes into her home.”

Brynn is forced to face both her current situation and the menacing ghosts of her past as she makes an attempt to flee.

The film’s bold approach to storytelling is its most notable aspect. Surprisingly, “No One Will Save You” has only one line of audible conversation, relying primarily on sound to tell its story. Diegetic sound is skillfully handled in the first act, which is centered on the invasion itself, to effectively heighten tension. You’ll be clutching your seat as Brynn sneaks through her home to avoid the alien threat while hearing commonplace sounds like dial tones and creaky floors. This sequence is made even more intense by Brynn’s resourcefulness. She doesn’t just stand there as a helpless victim; instead, she fights back, making her a hero worth supporting.

No One Will Save You movie review 2023

Duffield also expertly makes use of the house’s architecture to arouse anxiety and heighten the suspense. The once-pleasant daylight home changes into a source of terror by taking advantage of obscure crevices and throwing creepy, distorted shadows through hammered glass.

Nevertheless, as the plot develops, the movie finds it difficult to hold onto its original brilliance. When Duffield chooses to use the extraterrestrial in relatively cliched ways, viewers may become disinterested as he starts to lose potential for real horrors. Furthermore, the lack of narrative context is the film’s main flaw. Brynn is obviously grieving over her mother, and it is yet unclear why her community rejected her. Although the invasion forces her outside of her property’s bounds and exposes her to the harsh outside world, the circumstances surrounding her isolation are frustratingly still unknown. The audience is unable to properly understand her dilemma due to the lack of information.

Unfortunately, the script falls short of offering a strong foundation for comprehending and empathizing with Brynn’s situation. Instead, it leads us on an endless series of cat-and-mouse games without providing any insight or substance.

The picture loses direction in the midst of this disorderly whirlwind, leaving the intriguing themes of social alienation, unresolved pain, and the search for forgiveness as mere murmurs. You’ll find yourself urging “No One Will Save You” to keep up the pace because it’s such a slow burn. Brynn’s emotions are only shown physically and through facial expressions in Kaitlyn Dever’s outstanding performance. She performs a great job, but regrettably the film’s repetitious extraterrestrial episodes overshadow her, weakening the emotional impact.

Despite the film’s admirable creative goals and remarkable performance by Dever, its execution ultimately falls short. We are left wanting more substance when the backstory finally becomes clear because it feels too little, too late. As the movie goes on, the notion loses some of its initial originality. “No One Will Save You” lacks the essential context and workmanship to genuinely grip the heart, despite its ambitions to be an existential sci-fi adventure.

In conclusion, “No One Will Save You” has a compelling premise and some real tense moments, but ultimately falls short of its potential due to a shallow plot and some missed shocks. Although Kaitlyn Dever succeeds, the film’s lackluster repeated segments overpower her. This science fiction horror film, despite its innovative approach, falls short of providing a truly compelling experience.


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