Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date Coming Out: A New Twist Awaits!

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By Bhargab Kaushik

South Korean manhwa webtoon “Lookism” The book’s author and illustrator is Tae-Joon Park. It was published on Naver Webtoon once per week beginning in November 2014. In it, Park Heong Seok, an ugly boy, gets made fun of at school for his appearance.

Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date

Daniel wakes up one day with a brand-new physique that is tall, beautiful, and radiates charm after undergoing an amazing metamorphosis. He anticipates achieving the aspirations and objectives he could only have envisioned in his previous form.

This manhwa, which has become popular, has amused many readers. This thread provides information about the forthcoming release of Lookism chapter 468, including its publishing date, spoilers, raw scan, and other features.

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Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date Announced

The publication of Lookism Chapter 468 is scheduled for Thursday, September 28, 2023. One of the most well-known South Korean webcomics, Lookism, was first published on July 17, 2018.

This series has expanded with a new chapter after experiencing tremendous success during its brief debut. Indeed! Finally, Lookism Chapter 468 debuted, and a few of its chapters have already been broadcast.

Lookism Chapter 468 Spoiler

In Chapter 468 of Lookism, Park Heong Seok, a high school student who has endured constant bullying because of his weight, undergoes a significant transformation. Heong Seok has requested that his mother transfer him to a different school since the onslaught of taunts and jeers has a severe negative effect on him.

After relocating to Seoul, Heong Seok notices an extraordinary change in his body. His body gets more developed over the course of few nights.

This development marks a significant turning point in Heong Seok’s life since it allows him the chance to recover from the damaging effects of lookism and reclaim his self-worth and self-confidence.

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Lookism Chapter 467 Recap

Jake’s victory over Samuel, a strong man, causes an unexpected twist in the plot of the book Lookism. This encounter, which goes beyond a basic physical altercation, shows Jake’s unwavering commitment to protecting his family.

But Jake’s enhanced strength raises an important question: Where does he acquire his energy? Does willpower alone make the difference, or are there other factors at play? Lookism will always have both positive and negative aspects.

On the one hand, it grants the impoverished more rights while, on the other, it helps people who have been bullied to speak up for themselves. Likewise, even while the overall objective could be admirable, it might convey the wrong message by suggesting that resorting to violence is a reasonable course of action.

Some sections of the narrative, like the most recent one, highlight the advantages of this complexity, like resiliency and the will to stand up for others. Consequently, the story may alter.

Jake’s post-confrontation state is concerning, perplexing supporters, with symptoms mimicking those of someone under the influence of a potent narcotic. Now that Jake is involved, Jay could have to manage him if he gets out of hand.

Jake and Jay may cooperate to learn more about this weird drug rather than engaging in further arguments. As a result, a fresh plot arc might be unveiled, complete with challenges and intriguing characters.

Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date Coming Out: A New Twist Awaits!

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Where To Read Lookism Chapter 468?

The uncut version of Lookism Chapter 468 is available to viewers on Never Webtoon and Never Series. Webtoons has translated editions of the Lookism cartoon. The following chapter appears to be an intriguing continuation of the story as it continues to explore the mystery underlying Jake’s transformation.

Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date Coming Out


Looks-wise Chapter 468 concludes this exciting battle that has readers enthralled. Hudson Ahn may anticipate a challenging test in this thrilling episode. Due to all the unexpected turns it contains, this chapter will really be the last one in the book.

After reading this chapter’s analysis of lookism, you’ll want more. Lookism, the apex of the manga genre, is quickly gaining popularity because to its engrossing story and remarkably well-rounded cast of characters. Fans are alarmed by the storyline twist.

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