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Body Moisturizers

Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Body Moisturizers

Body Moisturizers offer the ultimate level of moisture that leaves your skin feeling silky, smooth and rejuvenated, even after cleansing. These types of body moisturizers work with your body's oil supply to create maximum moisture in all areas of the skin. They are often used before and after a bath or shower to remove makeup, reduce stretch marks and prevent dry skin. There are several kinds of body moisturizers on the market today from Vaseline and other petroleum-based products to hemp and natural oils. Hemp oil and body moisturizers, especially those that are organic, may be better for you than the typical petroleum-based products because they tend to be made from plant-based oils that are much more compatible with your body and provide more nutrients.


Body Moisturizers. Vaseline is probably the most well-known of the body moisturizers available today. It is a petroleum-based product that can be found in most drug stores, can also be found in many other beauty products, and is even available in bottled form as an inexpensive waterproof body lotion. Vaseline has proven to be an excellent moisturizing agent and has a long shelf life, however, its effect wears off quickly once it becomes exposed to heat and sunlight.


Body Oils. hemp seed oil and hemp seed are another type of naturally occurring lotion that is becoming more popular as a great moisturizer. hemp seed products do not contain harmful chemicals, such as petroleum, which may be found in Vaseline and hemp seed products do not have any artificial preservatives or fragrances. hemp seed products tend to be rich in omega fatty acids and protein, which nourish, moisturize and detoxify the body. This type of product is excellent for men and women of all ages.


Body Creams. Many body moisturizers contain ingredients that do not actually moisturize the body. These products do not contain ingredients like coconut oil that actually penetrate the skin and provide skin moisture. Instead, these body moisturizers contain petrolatum, which does not absorb into the skin, but rather sits on the surface of the skin until it is washed off. Because petrolatum leaves a shiny sheen on the skin, it is often included in body moisturizers that claim to deeply moisturize the body.


There are several types of body moisturizers on the market today that are designed to work on all types of skin types, and for all types of people. Some body moisturizers are designed specifically for people with dry or sensitive skin. Other body moisturizers, including those that claim to be for all types of skin, are best used by people who have normal or oily skin. Regardless of the type of skin that a person has, there is one body moisturizer brand that should be considered:


Body Lotion. Body lotions are designed to be applied directly to the body. Most body lotions contain humectants, which are substances that pull moisture into the skin so that it is more easily absorbed. Some moisturizing body lotions also contain an emollient, which helps to soften and soothe dry skin. The best body moisturizers will contain all of these ingredients.


Face Packs. Facial moisturizing facial packs are typically used during the day. They are designed to deeply moisturize the skin so that dry skin returns to a healthy and natural level. They are not good for people who suffer from acne, however, because the ingredients in many facial lotion and body lotion contain alcohol that can aggravate and dry out the skin.


Night Creams. Night creams are great body moisturizers because they are absorbed into the skin overnight. These products contain nourishing and revitalizing ingredients that will help restore hydration and make skin look more youthful and fresh. Some night creams contain ingredients that create a protective, anti-aging barrier on the skin so that future damage is not allowed to become permanent. When looking for body moisturizers, make sure that they are good for long term use, and made with high quality, natural ingredients.