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September 04, 2020 2 min read

"Why does a two-year-old need a Birkin"? dollar. Even if Cardi B took into account the commotion, it probably does not really care Tags Cardi B Birkin Gal Slonimsky Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Share on Twitter Share on Email 17 Comments Play Mute Remaining Time -0: 29 Fullscreen by TaboolaPromoted Links. Now at Sodastream - a special and affordable summer package in a limited edition Sodastream was photographed in a bold bikini in a pool full of children and caused a stir - Walla! Crazy news, portable and small air conditioner for 307 NIS breaks the air conditioner market Technology News Everyone killed this movie and buried his star's career, and then something amazing happened to him - Walla! Culture (in the video: the clip for Cardi B's WAP song) A two-year-old toddler dressed in luxury brands is usually referring to Stormy Webster, daughter of Kylie Jenner, who is seen on Instagram with items from top fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Nike. Cardi Bee's two-year-old daughter, who received a Hermes Birkin bag of her own as a gift from her father. There was no point, because the network wondered how it could be that a two-year-old girl has a Birkin bag that cost several thousand dollars. The mini version that Culture took in the picture costs about $ 9,000 and she received it as a gift last month. A thousand dollars. Follow Walla! Instush Fashion More at Walla! Bling Bling Stacks Fashion: Cardi Bee On a shiny new cover for the full article besides the expensive bags, in the photo Cardi wore a Chanel suit that includes shorts and a hoodies vest and her daughter went for a sweet ruffled dress with a huge ribbon in her hair and white sunglasses. If you thought Cardi B's storm response would occur, think again. Because even if she took into account the expected storm - she probably really does not care, since she is busy maintaining the attitude of one who does not see anyone from a meter. Last month, when it was revealed that Culture received a gift from Birkin, she dismissed the criticism and argued that her daughter should be similar to her. So here she goes on the same line. This of course is not the first time Cardi Bey and her daughter Culzer have matched Luke. A light browse on the rapper's Instagram account reveals quite a few photos with identical clothes. For example, on one occasion they both shared a plaid suit, when Father Offset also took part in the celebration with his own outfit, on another occasion they wore matching barbarian looks and another time wore the same colorful slippers. The successful rapper has a very respectable collection of expensive Birkin bags in a variety of colors - from brush, yellow, turquoise, a model made of chic and trendy bandana fabric and much more. The Birkin bags are so accessible to her that just two weeks ago she gifted such a bag that cost $ 27,000 to Megan Day Stallion, the rapper who collaborates with her on the new song "WAP". Worth being her friends.

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