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September 10, 2020 1 min read

Transient fashion: Louis Vuitton cancels Tiffany's $ 16 billion acquisition at the same time, Tiffany sues company in Delaware for delays in deal French luxury goods conglomerate "Louis Vuitton" cancels the acquisition of the American "Tiffany" - the company said. This eliminates the most expensive fashion deal ever, valued at $ 16.2 billion, announced in October 2019. According to Louis Vuitton, it recently received a request from the French Foreign Office to delay the purchase, due to the US threat to impose tariffs on a range of French and European products. According to the company, Tiffany also asked to postpone the closing of the deal until December 31, about a month after the deadline agreed between the two. Meanwhile, according to a report in the Financial Times, Tiffany herself is suing Louis Vuitton in a Delaware court for delays in the transaction. According to her, the French company controlled by billionaire Bernard Arno has deliberately thwarted regulatory approvals in an effort to renegotiate the takeover price. Trump threatens to raise taxes US President Donald Trump has threatened to increase taxes on imports of French and European goods in retaliation for government subsidies to aircraft maker Airbus. And the marketing of international luxury brands and to many it is known mainly because of the luxury bags made by it, but the fashion division is only one of five divisions in the company. Dior, Garlin and Aqua di Ferma, the watch and jewelry division where you can buy Tag Hor and Zenith, while the fashion and leather products division includes brands such as Kenzo and Givenchy.

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