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August 28, 2020 3 min read

This is how the fashion houses held the 2021 winter shows in Corona Belmain held a fashion flotilla on the Seine, others turned to virtual space: housing with a video from the worlds of Narnia and Iris van Harpen with a video starring the Game of Thrones actress. 

Van Harpen: "It's a story about birth and growth and formation" Virtual fashion shows Iris van Harpen and housing Not everyone in the fashion world is slowing down. While most of the world sat at home and went to bed, the high fashion houses worked on the couture collection of autumn winter 2020 - 2021 and last week they were unveiled to the world. How to present a couture collection during an epidemic? As for the future, at least according to Maria Gracia Curry, Dior's artistic director, and if this fantasy, reminiscent of Greek mythology and the landscapes of Narnia; Miniatures designed by couturiers - all to teach that couture lives and kicks despite the lack of raw materials - so what good.The collection consists of 37 miniature items, carefully designed to the last detail and placed in a large travel box specially built and resembling a residential house on Montagne Avenue in Paris in a surreal video. The Italian Matteo Garona embarks on a treasure trove on a journey into a fantastic world and its two subjects go through a mysterious forest like salesmen from door to door only from tree to tree, from stream to stream and offer its contents to the magical forest nymphs who each choose a poetic dress made of light handmade fabrics You redeemed, to tour the forest with you. (YouTube: Dior Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture). From the virtual fashion shows of Iris van Harpen and housing From the virtual fashion shows of Iris van Harpen and housing Another way to present a couture collection in days of social distance is by boat sailing on the Seine, for example, according to Olivier Rustig of Belmain, who is currently celebrating 75 years : 21 couture-clad models from the Belmain archives from the last decades combined with items identified with Rustig, stood on the boat 2 meters apart while along the two banks and bridges in the sailing lane the spectators gathered. They were preceded by dancers in the choreography of Jean-Charles Josani, who also maintained a proper distance, as required. Dutch designer Iris van Harpen has produced a video showing one extravagant dress as a complete collection. The creative and beautiful video stars Charis van Houten, from Red Lissandra from "Game of Thrones" (YouTube: Iris van Herpen "Transmotion" with Carice van Houten). Van Harpen, whose small collections are known for combining technological innovation and traditional artisan work, and tackling social issues and issues, this time chose to do something different - a collection that is one dress, inspired by Dutch artist Asher: there is no distinction between back and forth, tangible and abstract top or bottom . More than once she draws inspiration from the natural world, and this time too she examines it: small black seeds that attach to stems that grow into fragile translucent leaves in the center of the dress and body. "It's a story about birth and growth and formation - I wanted to express the experience of the last few months without being verbal and symbolizing a new beginning of things," Van Harpen told the New York Times.

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