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September 12, 2020 2 min read

This is exactly how it's done: Lily Allen got married in a perfect wedding dress We're in a crush: Sweet Lily Allen and her partner and "Strange Things" star, David Harbor, got married last night without Vegas. Alan went for a little housing dress that was all screaming sixties alongside super cool Mew Mew shoes. She left the boldness to the nailsIn a little housing dress and a peach rose bouquet, last night Lily Allen became the ultimate presenter of the pandemic weddings. Although it is difficult to point to good changes that the global epidemic has brought with it, the sharp decline in the pompous foam dresses we have seen recently is welcome, and Allen has modeled the trend in the most accurate way possible. Last night, Allen and her partner "Strange Things" actor David Harbor uploaded a series of photos from the modest wedding they held at the Graysland Wedding Chap in Las Vegas accompanied by the requested accompaniment of an Elvis Presley impersonator. Allen’s dress, a dress with a Sixties vibe of housing, was nothing short of a perfect choice for the class: elegant, sloping with small details that don’t overload the eye and flattering. The dress with the double waist and the thin waist belt is offered (in its black version) on the Dior website at a price of about NIS 15,000. From the description of the item you can learn that it is made of wool and silk and was inspired by past models from the archives of the fashion house. To complete the look, Allen opted for curly hair adorned with a tulle veil that she wore and black platform shoes from Mew Mew. She kept the riot to the cut of her nails and chose a psychedelic heart-glitter manicure created for her by nail artist Naomi Yesuda. The ceremony ended with a family meal at the in-n-out hamburger chain and of course - with the traditional bite picture. One can only hope that Alan thought of all the little details of the cute picture, ordered a burger without ketchup and other sauces, and that the beautiful housing dress remained clean and white.

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