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August 29, 2020 4 min read

The twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have opened the new store of the brand The Row in London. The new store reveals a gourmet, elegant, sophisticated and outrageously expensive world, created by the sisters from "Growing Up Girls" who are esteemed designers with fine taste, refined aesthetics Mary Keatashley OlsenFashion TheRow London Welcome to The new and impressive store of The Row, the exclusive luxury brand of twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, in the Mayfer neighborhood of London gets an oval color-changing blue and white. Toral, who uses light as a material, is not the only one there.The fine treasures and the variety of art items scattered throughout the vast space, on its two floors, cannot be ignored.The works serve as a backdrop for wonderfully stylish clothes in camel, black and brown cream.Read more $ 1 billion and is also ecological Photographer Tim Walker presents a dream exhibition straight from the basements of the Victoria and Albert Museum of Fashion Crime: The Dirty Laundry of the 33-year-old Olsen clothing industry, known since they were nine months old when they played Michelle alternately in the series TV "Grief Growing Girls" and light-hearted teen comedies - they are valued designers with fine taste, refined aesthetics and a loyal clientele around the world. In recent years they have won the American Fashion Awards five times. This is the third flagship store in their small empire, which includes besides de Roo also Elizabeth and James, a contemporary brand with more affordable prices, inspired by the wardrobe and collection of their vintage items. The New London Store The New London Store Photo: Courtesy of The Row Those who have gained publicity since their infancy were the youngest millionaires of their work (for each episode of "Growing Up Girls" they received $ 2,400 at the beginning and before it dropped from the screen to $ 80,000. dismantle); By the time they were 6 they were already the youngest producers in Hollywood with their own girlfriend; And in the 2000s they influenced an entire generation of children and teens also through books they wrote, a magazine they published, a grooming line and a collaboration with the Walmart chain in the clothing line. In 2005, The New York Times crowned Mary Kate as a "fashion icon" for a style inspired by Boho Chic that included large sunglasses, layers of clothing, and large, branded old hats. But if in the 2000s the twin sisters were the subject of paparazzi photographers, they are now avoided in the spotlight. . Even De Roe's commercials will not be seen in fashion magazines or anywhere else, and at New York Fashion Week they have an intimate presentation, unlike other celeb-rich shows. “We are professional women and that is how we conduct ourselves. Do not forget that we have been working since the age of nine months, "they told Vogue magazine in a rare interview. “We were there, we were photographed and exposed. This is the path we have chosen to move forward in our lives. Not to be in the spotlight, to let the clothes speak for themselves. " Sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Photo: API The brand was founded in 2006 with a modest goal: to create the perfect white T-shirt, in an attempt to see if an item sewn from quality fabric and in a good shape would be sold without a logo. it worked. And the collections have expanded and over time lines of accessories and shoes have been added, and last year a line of men was even launched. They do not attach importance to trends, and their style of dress has changed completely following their transformation into super-designers and today can be defined as modern, elegant and sophisticated minimalism that uses quality luxury fabrics, a high level of tailoring and proportion games. By no means without flashy logos, bursting colors, sophisticated prints or intricate cuts. It is a discreet and restrained brand, but certainly not boring; With a timeless but horribly expensive statement. For example: a cashmere coat for £ 8,000, a silk organza dress for £ 2,000 and a T-shirt made of vintage crepe fabric for £ 205. They also admit that they design for very specific customers. "We understand what their day looks like, how and when they travel." It is a very limited target audience that is willing to pay the prices they charge. Models in the Olsen twins design. "We understand what our customers' day looks like, how and when they travel" Models designed by the Olsen twins. "We understand what our customers' day looks like, how and when they travel" Photo: THE ROW But it turns out that the economic risk pays off. According to the WWD newspaper, in 2018 the sales of the brand, which is also loved by women in the fashion industry, totaled $ 400 million. Just this year they launched their own sales website - "The way clothes are translated online is a challenge," Mary Kate said in an interview. "It's not easy to transfer cashmere and high-quality fabrics to a digital two-dimensional" - although even before, items could be found in online stores such as and Net-a-Forte. But in the days when stores are closing and the internet is a major shopping arena, the Olson sisters have created their own world that includes fashion, design and art and attracts customers to them especially his. The space in the new London store, at Carlos Place 15, incorporates elements of wood and gray and white colors, dark iron shelves, handicrafts and Art Deco items from the mid-20th century. Everything is offered for sale, including beautiful furniture, handmade ceramics from New York, Tiffany and Bulgarian jewelry from the 1930s to the 70s, a special edition of jewelry by Brazilian designer Anna Curry, and a unique collection of lighters, a collaboration of Dupont and an American artist illustrated on them. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal a year ago, the two talked about the difficulty and reward of working together as sisters, and compared their relationship as businesswomen to marriage. “We operate under pressure,” Mary Kate said, “and we are lucky to have such a wonderful partnership that we can trust each other because this profession can be so lonely. Nothing comes easily. That's how we were raised and we believe in that. "

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