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September 04, 2020 2 min read

The spring trend: a dress that is a layer cake from huge whipped cream dresses to curtains from the Wild West: the woolen layers make a comeback and threaten to drown you in an abundance of curly and voluminous fabrics Moran Woolen layer dress Seems to be back to romance. One of the strongest trends for this coming spring is the woolen layers - voluminous curling fabrics with a soft wavy look. One of the sights most closely associated with the woolen is that of a flamenco dancer, and indeed the woolen's origins go back to a 16th century book, where it was worn by both women and men. The trend became a pan-European epidemic in the Elizabethan period, and has since faded and recurred every few years. Right Ducha & Gabbana Dress, Asus and actress Romer Willis Right Ducha and Gabbana Dress, Asus and actress Romer Willis Photo: ASOS, Getty Images Last September we saw the woolen on the runways of almost every designer on the planet. Dolce & Gabbana beckoned to the Wild West days in the a-la cuts "Little House Willow", Marc Jacobs returned to the British Empire with Elizabethan collars, Preen went for a puppet show while Jambatista and Eli made huge whipped cream dresses. The trend also starred well in the Hollywood awards season, thanks to many stars, such as Emily Ratajkowski ("Feels a Bomb"), supermodel Winnie Harlow and Romer Willis. The challenge with layers of wool is that they produce such a large and prominent appearance that it easily becomes excessive. So the right way to survive the trend is to consume it sparingly. A mini or midi skirt made of woolen layers or a bohemian dress with delicate layers, will suit the Israeli summer and will not make you look like a curtain that got out of hand.

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