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August 29, 2020 3 min read

The North Face launches new fabric technology for athletes Futurelight is a technology that makes the felt completely resistant to water and other liquids, but at the same time allows evaporation of sweat from the light Suissa Futurel jacket LightNatePace TheNorthFace American hiking and camping equipment company NorthPace has launched a new fabric technology designed for athletes and camping enthusiasts. Futurelight is a technology that makes the felt completely resistant to water and other liquids, but at the same time allows the sweat to evaporate out. According to the company, the effect of an opaque but breathable fabric is made possible by a development in which millions of dollars have been invested and uses nano-spinning technology: in the fabric weaving process, 200,000 tiny nozzles are created into which a polymeric material is injected. Additional layers are worn on it to make the fabric flexible and light. North's Future Lite jacket North's Future Lite jacket The significant advantage of this technology is that the wearer is not affected by weather conditions: the same running jacket can be worn, for example, when it is raining and thus prevent wetting; But even when the sun comes out and the air warms up, the coat will be able to ventilate the runner and evaporate sweat. Even during strenuous sports activities at a temperature below zero degrees Celsius - such as skiing or mountaineering - the body will remain dry from sweat thanks to the evaporation properties of the fabric, thus avoiding the danger of hypothermia. To test the tightness of the material, as well as its volatility, the company turned to Underwriter Labs - a world-renowned lab that specializes in safety sciences and has special expertise in testing fire suits and hazardous materials in the lab. The lab, which also sets the standard for waterproof and fire-resistant suits for the U.S. Fire Department, conducted a series of experiments that determined that not only was the material 100% water-resistant (after passing the firefighters' suit test - spraying 235 gallons of water per hour on the canvas), But it also allows for the highest airflow of a cubic meter of liquid per minute and the highest rate of moisture vapor transmission (relative to any other waterproof fabric) ever tested, but The North Face did not settle for laboratory conditions and sought to see if it would work well. Also for the athletes in the field. The company contacted a number of elite athletes and asked them to experience the products while mountaineering, surfing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. The athletes experienced the products for over 400 consecutive days in extreme climatic conditions that included climbing Everest and surfing the "Dream Slope" Lhoste Couloir in Nepal and stated: This is an exceptional product.North Pace is aimed at the professional sports market, and therefore the price tag accordingly: a running coat will cost from NIS 1,200, and a more durable coat for extreme cold conditions will cost NIS 4,000. Gortex.Now North Face will make exclusive use of the new technology it has developed for Tops, hats, shoes and in the future also for tents and sleeping bags. North Face is one of the largest companies in the sportswear market that is growing. According to Allied Market Search, the total market is expected to reach sales of $ 184.6 billion by 2026. The global leisure and outdoor clothing market had sales of about $ 13 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to about $ 20 billion in 2026, when today it shares The market of VF - the parent company of North Pace and other brands such as Timberland - accounts for about a third of global leisure and off-road sales.

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