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September 16, 2020 2 min read

The heiress is messing up? Kate Moss' daughter was hugely disappointed by Laila Grace, the 17-year-old daughter of the iconic top model, joined her for a outing in London wearing a completely sheer dress with underwear and a bra underneath. We all raised an eyebrow - until we remembered who had done it before Is Kate Moss' daughter going her way? Judging by this picture, it probably is. Is she doing it well? Regarding this, you will decide with them. Last night (Saturday) the immortal top model went out with her daughter Leila Grace to the birthday party of Kim Jones, the housing line designer of Dior who recently received a prestigious appointment and became the artistic director of the Fendi fashion house. In doing so, he stepped into the big shoes of Karl Lagerfeld who served in the position before him until the day he died about five decades ago. Among the many guests at the prestigious party held at a restaurant in London, it was impossible to miss Kate Moss and the Night Heiress - and not sure for the right reasons. Let's start with the unquestioned style icon, Kate, who chose to wear a maxi dress made of sheer silk fabric with wide sleeves, a delicate neckline and a tie-like fabric on the front. In one sentence: everything is right in a dress. The accessories section included gold heeled sandals, a long necklace, a Chanel bag and a variety of rings, including a particularly huge green one. On the other hand, her 17-year-old daughter Lila who apparently experienced a youthful rebellion and as a result decided to leave the house with a top, panties and a sheer chiffon dress. To the bare and failed look (sweet Suri, there is no way to refine it) Lila added Dr. Martinez's shoes, an old Chanel leather jacket. Even on social media they wondered why Laila decided to leave the house with such a transparent dress, and many even criticized the mother for not Set style boundaries for her teenage daughter. "Is this a swimsuit? She decided to go to a birthday party in a bikini? ", Wrote one of the surfers. Another asked:" How does Kate let her daughter dress like this? ". Nostalgia lovers pulled from the archive a picture of Kate Moss from 1993 when she spent an elite agency rooftop party at the Hilton London with Transparent silver dress, with no bra underneath - and used as a letter of defense. If so Kate Moss dressed herself in her youth, apparently the apple did not fall far from the tree. However, while Moss was a breakthrough in her youth and within every provocative look hid a poignant statement about every woman's right It seems that her daughter went for a much more restrained option.In the current era, where women are still struggling and fighting sexual harassment - this night look seems to have an important place.Without sex, drugs and rock and roll, only a girl going to eat at a restaurant with her mom.We would prefer a nice combination Below, but on taste and smell.

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