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August 30, 2020 2 min read

The flower in the gardens: Fashion designer Driss van Notten is doing it again in the women's collection for winter 2019 The Belgian designer uses floral prints he photographed in his garden. The result is mesmerizing. While for other designers combinations of floral prints in collections are a matter of trend and season, for Van Notten it is a way of life. With 30 years of landscaping experience and 222 acres of spectacular gardens surrounding the villa where he lives in Antwerp, he soaks up entire living flowers, turning them into unique fabric prints and spectacular art installations. Read more in Calcalist: For adults only: Seth Rogen's "Good Kids" is not a children's film Collector by Surprise: Galila Barzilai-Hollander revealed that she is "artoholic" We are all one embroidery: Adish is a beautiful Israeli-Palestinian fashion brand in his women's collection for winter 2019 This time again, Van Notten used his garden in a rather practical way: he photographed his favorite flowers in the field, against a blue canvas. The result: poetic and breathtaking. Evening dresses with a trail, all without sinning even for a moment in kitsch. A coat designed by Van Notten. "I did not want sweet flowers" A coat designed by Van Noten. "I did not want sweet flowers" Photo: AFP Van Notten photographed the flowers in late autumn, some of them bearing black dots and imperfect, so they look more realistic. "I thought what was the most spontaneous and direct way to create floral prints, but I did not want sweet flowers." "I loved the fact that the rose can become a person, serve as a symbol of beauty and many other things." Most was in collaboration with Japanese weaving artist Azuma Makoto at the 2017 summer show.

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