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August 29, 2020 5 min read

Snow Queen: That's how Munkler became one of the most coveted brands in the world. From a modest ski accessory company, Munkler became a brand that rolls in $ 1.5 billion a year. The method is collaborations with top designers and challenging the traditional fashion world of the elite fashion Schlesky FashionMonklermero Ruppini At last month's British Fashion Awards ceremony in London, actress Shailene Woodley walked the red carpet in a long and impressive blue down jacket 2019, the result of a collaboration between the luxury brand Monkler and the designer Pierre Paolo Piccoli from the Valentino fashion house. Next to her walked model Lia Kabada, in a matching down skirt and a white T-shirt from her brand to Malam. Kabada, who works with artisans from Ethiopia and Africa, was a partner in Piccoli's work. Read more in Calcalist: What will the party look like in memory of the decade that is coming to an end? ICC: 11% increase in fashion purchases by credit card abroad in 2019 Uniqlo's robot rice shirts and more employees at the same ceremony received Moncler chairman, Italian billionaire Remo Rufini - who bought the company in 2003 and changed it beyond recognition - the leading award Business of the Year. Ruppini, who in less than two decades managed to turn a bankrupt ski clothing maker into a luxury brand that rolls in $ 1.5 billion a year, was able to understand the changes in the fashion industry and the digital market and was not afraid to change the company's business model three times. He realized that agility, social networking and online shopping were the name of the game. Craig Green design for Munkler Genius. “It is impossible to talk to the customer once every six months. You have to talk to him every day, "company chairman Remo Ruffini of Craig Green told Munkler Ginius. “It is impossible to talk to the customer once every six months. You have to talk to him every day, "says company chairman Remo Rupini. The process was slow and Rupini made sure to keep the company's DNA from Grenoble. The turning point was in 2007 with the opening of the first store in Paris. Its goal was to convey the company's new vision: moving from wholesale to retail. Since then, many more boutiques have opened in the world. Organizational change was not long in coming either: from a traditional organization with one manager holding all the power in its hands, the company focused on giving more power to those who implement the ideas, that is, joint leadership. In 2013, the company was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Alongside the brand's traditional ski collections, the Moncler Genius project is its latest and most ambitious initiative. It was first unveiled in the winter of 2018 at Milan Fashion Week and caused a big buzz. The first collaboration with Pierre Paolo Piccoli from Valentino resulted in a unique and spectacular collection of down dresses in couture cuts identified with Piccoli's work. But Piccoli is not the only one. The idea behind the project undermines the concept of appointing one artistic director who will design all the collections for him. At Munkler, they have approached several artistic directors of other luxury brands who will be designing individual collections to be unveiled throughout the year. Ruffini changed the rules of the game by thinking he had to produce a monthly buzz rather than a seasonal one, as required by the traditional fashion weeks. From the collection for dogs in collaboration with Fuldo Dog Coto From the collection for dogs in collaboration with Fuldo Dog Coto In recent years there have been many collaborations in the fashion world, whether between popular chains and top designers (for example, H&M launches a limited collection with a renowned designer) or between veteran brands and fashion stars. Street and mother between sports brands and designers, singers and network stars. Still, it has innovation and originality: "I always wanted to build a unique company with a lot of energy to support a strong community," Ruppini said in an interview with Business of Fashion on the anniversary of the project's launch. "I realized the way to communicate with people around the world has changed. Digital has improved, and I have always seen in Munkler a company that did not meet the definition of a 'typical fashion company'. I knew we could do something innovative. So I changed the strategy from a seasonal business to a monthly business. It is not possible to talk to the customer once every six months. We need to talk to him every day. "Indeed, this model, apart from the fact that it maintains its existing clientele, manages to attract a new, young and up-to-date audience through designers with a unique style that have their own followers and fans; no more written press ads, but viral social media sharing. Munkler's coat. NIS 7,990 in the aforesaid Munkler's coat. NIS 7,990 in the aforesaid According to Itamar Rein, VP of Commerce of Irani Group, the brand's importer to Israel, for the winter of 2019, Munkler created ten different productions in collaboration with ten designers, including Francesco Regatzi, used for For more than a decade, Munkler's artistic director, and standing for the prestigious California street brand "Palm Angels", items from this collaboration have been offered in the country in limited quantities at Factory 54 stores and sold quickly. In January, a collaboration with Matthew Williams' Street Alix brand will be launched. "In Israel, people really like Munkler because of the combination of technical elements and design that suits him," says Raine. When asked about the high prices he replies: "Children today are used to buying street brands not cheap from the age of 12, it is not a function of price." Shailene Woodley in the model of Piccoli for Moncler Ginius Shailene Woodley in the model of Piccoli for Munkler Ginius Photo: LISI NIESNER , Designer Simon Rocha, whose designs are feminine and fragile, and veteran Japanese street designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. From Monkler's point of view the benefits of working with super designers are clear. The designers, for their part, see this as a challenge. Roche, for example, said she was "excited by the level of designers working together and each presenting their own point of view," and Piccoli sees this as a challenge that allows him to express and maintain his voice. "For me, it's all about creativity and self-expression," he said in an interview. According to Fujijara, "Munkler Genius is an opportunity to combine different identities and become a new one. The project allowed me to explore solutions and materials I have never used." Indeed, the collections presented so far have managed to maintain the visual individuality of each designer. Piccoli's dresses retained its recognizable voice, but also offered something new and refreshing inspired by the brand's Mabdes of Cabads. Green, whose collections are conceptual but wearable, has retained his edgy spirit in his designs for Munkler. The collections are of course perfect for displaying on Instagram. Social media has adopted them and the customer base has grown. In 2018, revenues of 1.4 billion euros and a 22% increase in sales were reported. The great demand for the unique items is also felt in the country. In the first quarter of 2020, according to Raine, Irani Group plans to open in the Tel Aviv State Square in the "Amor" complex, where the brand is still sold today, a store within a store of about 100 square meters where all collections including Genius, men, women and children will be displayed. And dogs.A collection of dogs was recently launched as part of the Munkler Genius in collaboration with the luxury brand Milanese Foldo Dog Couture.

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