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August 29, 2020 2 min read

Running for co-production: Adidas has brought its collaborations to the edge Two new launches of Adidas are driving the fashion world crazy - a joint design of a shoe with the Italian super brand Prada and at the same time it is releasing a joint shoe with Reebok - Mythical competitor adidas In recent years, the fashion world has been devastated by collaborations between different brands, who put together capsule collections in a joint design. Read more in Calcalist: Fill the hole in the heart with the band of giraffes gives a counter: Avishai Cohen will play for the first time with the Philharmonic Orchestra the film "21 Bridges": Expected from the beginning the footwear and sports company Launching shoes in common with it and the Italian super-brand Prada, which is its first collaboration of its kind, and at the same time releasing a joint shoe with Reebok - and although Adidas acquired Reebok in 2005, a joint shoe with the mythological competitor is still an exotic idea. A common shoe for Adidas and Reebok. Mythical union A common shoe for Adidas and Reebok. Mythical Union "Collaborations are essentially a marketing move, a strategy for producing public relations," says Leroy Chopin, a fashion researcher and lecturer at Shenkar. "In the case of Prada, for example, the fact that the brand is old and characterized by high prices may alienate its younger audience, who can easily see it as outdated or disconnected." The connection with a brand like Adidas is meant to get around just that. It allows Prada to reach a new audience, using a language it knows: iconic designs that it easily recognizes, like Adidas' 'Superstar' model, with an aura of a relatively accessible brand connected to street fashion. While for Adidas, the move allows for a perfume in a high-fashion atmosphere, which may intensify its fashionable appeal. " One of Adidas' first collaborations was with designer Jeremy Scott. In 2004, the two designed winged sneakers, Scott's trademark. A year later, they joined rapper Kenya West and launched the joint brand YEEZY, which has been out regularly since then, with an expected revenue of $ 1.4 billion in 2019, according to Adidas reports. They even partnered with the Arizona Iced Tea Company and launched shoes that were replicas of iced tea cans, with each shoe being a homage to a different flavor. The fact that the collaborations form a bridge between different aesthetic cultures can also be seen in the collaborations with musician Farrell Williams and designer Stella McCartney, and in a collection with Beyonce that has not yet been revealed and will be sold this month. Not all the collections come to Israel, but you can find here the running collection that came out in collaboration with Missoni, a fashion collection with Alexander Wong, the Star Wars collection in collaboration with "Lucas Film", a fashion line in collaboration with the Japanese designer Jin Wong Choi and the collection of designer Raf Simmons + Y3.

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