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September 15, 2020 2 min read

Outlaw: Melania wears white even though it is not customary and makes it perfect One of the cultural customs of Americans is "do not wear white after Labor Day". Melania Like Melania does not like to keep the rules and at an official White House official event went for a rather dazzling white look. The choice of outfit is not her only entanglement in this event but the first lady did not look very upset Melania and the Super Flattering Dress (Photo: Alex Wong for Getty Images) Melania and the Super Flattering Dress (Photo: Alex Wong for the Getty Images) One of the classic American fashion rules is: "Do not wear white after Labor Day." Labor Day, recently celebrated, marks the end of summer, and with it are supposed to store the white clothes, associated with the hot season, until she returns. But there seem to be few things farther from Melania Trump than the blue-collar people, and the first lady went out for an official public appearance, a rare event during this period, a dazzling white block. Last week, Melania snatched a barrage of criticism, following a Labor Day speech she delivered, with US flags behind her, in which she thanked all the American workers who sustain the economy. Twitter immediately raged with tweets like, "Remind me what you're working for ?!" and "What the hell do you know about the people who work hard in this country ?!" As usual, it doesn't seem to be all about Melania. The beautiful Lady Trump looked wonderful when she hosted a multi-participant discussion on awareness of sickle cell anemia, a relatively rare blood disease. The disease in question is due to a problem with the red blood cells, but there is no problem with the white blood cells, and Melania handed out triumphant smiles in her tight white block, a midi dress that was precisely and flatteringly tailored to her cut, from Max Mara. Price: NIS 3,240. The dress did not get Melania's statement styling, and a powerful belt in the center, and it's good that way. Instead, a braided, also white, and thin, belt was worn by Max Mara, who was originally supposed to wear with the look, which has meanwhile become sold out. To still bring the wow effect she ordered the dress to stiletto heels in a trendy shade that cannot be ignored: orange-orange. In a good mood (Photo: Alex Wong Legetti Images) In a good mood (Photo: Alex Wong Legetti Images) This look, relatively minimalist compared to Melania's choices, is very flattering to her and gets applause from the floor. The first lady looks more elegant than ever, not showering herself with heavy makeup, (she opted for light pink lipstick), accessories or eye-popping jewelry, but, after a long time searching for her place in the White House, she seems to rely on her natural nobility, and conducting a meeting Such, when she is in the center of the table, flatters her greatly.

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