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August 28, 2020 3 min read

Oscar Fashion 2020: Code Breaks At the Oscars there were some original fashion choices. It's a pity that Gal Gadot was disappointed with a look that simply did not work Oscar 2020 fashions Portmanag GadotMargo Rubimia Rudolph Political gestures and feminist statements, less routine choices when it comes to custom dress code Of a red carpet and lots of diamonds and gems that shone in the distance. At the 92nd Academy Awards yesterday, everything was as usual. Natalie Portman in a flattering Kara short haircut wore a black dress adorned with gold embroidery and a cape on the lapel of which were embroidered the names of directors whose films were not included among the candidates. Another statement from the creator of Maria Gracia Curry for housing that reflects the worldview of feminist modernism. Charlize Theron also stood out in a sexy black Dior dress, with a deep slit and generous neckline, free of unnecessary embellishments, and with simple-looking gathered hair. And it was impossible not to notice the pockets in Romona Kabsa's black dress worn by Gina Davis, who also boasted Kara Non-Shalanti. Right: Natalie Portman, Gal Gadot and Margo Ruby at the Oscars. The spacious look was of the crystal ball and a lot of non-chalantism on the right: Natalie Portman, Gal Gadot and Margo Ruby at the Oscars. The prevailing look was of the crystal ball and a lot of non-chanting Photos: Sthanlee B. Mirador, AFP Maya Rudolph's choice is particularly notable for many reasons: the cut - a maxi dress embroidered with Valentino sequins, in a crystal ball look; The color - orange; The hairstyle - Kara is a great short; Simple-looking matching bronze sandals and large green emerald earrings dangling from Lorin Schwartz, who Beyoncé reportedly wore recently as well. The appearance of the crystal ball also returned to Janel Mona in a silver crystal dress with a hoodie and long sleeves by Ralph Lauren, the top of which is close to the body and reveals the back. Berry Larson was beautiful in a glittery silver powder dress by Hedi Suleiman for Celine, which revealed a nice neckline and a great cape on top with a bare back in the look of a superheroine (also with clean-smeared back hair). Mia Rudolph. Perfect look and Beyoncé Mia Rudolph earrings. Perfect look and Beyoncé earrings Photo: Jay L. Clendenin Margo Ruby looked great in a Chanel vintage strapless chiffon dress with a beautiful Chanel brooch in the center, with no unnecessary additions and scattered hair. And Lily Aldridge in a white dress from Ralph Lauren's Archive and Jimmy Choo Block's high heel sandals of yesteryear. And when it comes to lapel pins, Timothy Shalama, now described by many as the best dresser on the red carpet, will not disappoint. He presented a sonic and contemporary chic in pants and a jacket with a zipper in a sporty look by Prada and on the lapel of the jacket a great vintage brooch from Cartier. And finally, it is impossible not to talk about a tidal wave. It's not a combination of colors, since Katriona Balpa wore the same colors - black and pink in an impressive Valentino dress; This is not the lace either - after all, it was also in Alexander McQueen's dress worn by Ronny Mara. Not so with Gal Gadot: from the surplus of Tiffany's conservative diamond jewelry to the amounts of lace in Zvanshi's dress. Unfortunately, it just did not work.

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