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September 19, 2020 4 min read

Not just for Generation Z: The 51-year-old stylist who burns Tiktok Carina Weigre, a French fashion editor with an undisputed style, has opened Tiktok to move the corona closure with her daughter. But what started as a harmless experiment, has become a sought-after account with close to 115,000 followers, millions of views and an interview with Vogue. Meet the woman whose age is only at the head of an Israeli start-up that produces a mask that the whole world is talking about Sonovia - an antiviral mask Can you find the jellyfish between the plastic bags in less than 10 seconds? Meat from the village Meat deliveries to the house Meat from the village of Dana Weiss The broadcast: This is what it looks like from the angle of the Arab broadcaster - Walla! Culture You could say that the ticking app burst into our lives, even without pausing even for a moment on our cell phone. We have been exposed to it mostly through our daughters, nieces or nephews, next to whom we feel inevitably older. Once upon a time it was Instagram, followed by Snapchat - and then the ticking. Open-eyed we stand in front of this app, trying to understand the editorial thought craft of Generation Z, as well as the amount of their repetitions in front of the iPhone with LED lighting while performing another confusing network challenge. But do not let your spirit fall. If you thought you were too old for the Chinese app, think again. Carina Viegier, 51, a resident of Copenhagen and editor of a fashion magazine, admires an impressive ticking account and shows that age is only in the head. Since uploading the first video last March, it has garnered more than 114,000 followers, eagerly awaiting her style videos in which she demonstrates extravagant fashion choices. Vigier, originally a Frenchwoman and founder of three children's fashion magazines ("Kids", "Baby Kids", and "Kids Room"), began her ticketing adventure as a way to move with her daughter, Anushka, the quarantine in Denmark. But these days are a distant history, and the harmless experiment has slowly evolved into an in-depth investigation of her style as a woman over the age of 50. "I think the success of my page stems from my age and appearance," she said in an interview with Vogue. "In France, where I'm originally from, cheerful style is an exception for girls 50 and up." The content that Viegier uploads to Tiktok is varied and ranges from videos in which she is seen wearing one item in various forms to her measurements with her daughter in eye-popping designer stores. She even took part in various ticketing challenges, including the "Gucci Challenge", in which the photographers try to look like the brand model by wearing random clothes on top of each other. She defines her closet as a "boutique." According to her, half of her wardrobe consists of a second hand. "She's absolutely eclectic, with my items from 30 years ago. For example Jean Paul Gaultier's little black dress, or some amazing pieces by Christian Lacroix." Today she focuses mainly on Nordic brands, such as Samsøe & Samsøe, Stein Goya and Gani, "all of which I combine with items from Kos, Arquette and & Other Stories". In the closet you can also find luxury items by Chanel, Margiala and Jacamos, "so in my little boutique wardrobe I spend over an hour every day choosing clothes, and sometimes I change twice." The purpose of her account in her eyes is to empower women in the sixth decade of their lives and encourage them to dare with their style, even with the help of the ticking app - where it seems that boomers are forbidden to enter. "I created it to show that women my age can have great taste, money and freedom to do what they want, whenever they want. Lots of women contact me because I have uncovered other ways to wear clothes with interesting colors, shapes, fabrics and combinations." According to her, Tiktok is not just an app for young people, and it has room for older creators. “My audience is made up of people between the ages of 15 and 75,” Vogue said. "Everyone is interested in fashion and needs advice and style ideas for everyday life. This is my goal, to make a mix and match between luxury brands and more modest ones to offer a more lucrative look. Tiktok is a great platform because of its distribution and because it has no filter. It is more effective than Instagram. "Because my videos are viewed between 40,000 times and more than a million worldwide." When asked what she thinks is the next trend in Tiktok, she replied that it is difficult to say. "There aren't that many fashion trends in tic-tac-toe. But they can ask us to do virtual runway shows or shoot costume videos over the years. Gucci's challenge was fun to make. People did it humorously and played with colors and layers. These are indeed the codes of Gucci, but I preferred to make the outfit more realistic, and it really is an outfit I would happily wear everyday. "

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