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August 30, 2020 4 min read

King Lee: Bottega Venta's new designer is the hot name in the fashion world today Daniel Lee has turned conservative society into a hot brand. "I have no interest in doing fashion that does not express anything," says the shy young man who does not even have an Instagram account. Fashion Recently held in the city: Selected items from the fall-winter 2019 collection of the Italian brand Bottega and Netta were displayed along the entire block. In the crowded streets, various fashion editors and white girls were spotted in puffy-looking quilted skirts, carrying the coveted new clutch bag known as The Pouch, with quilted leather flip-flops at their feet, the front square and truncated. Read more in Calcalist: The new king's clothes: Ilan Beja has been appointed director of the fashion design department at Shenkar Muse: Ines de la Presence releases an updated version of its bestseller CEO of Delta Israel: "There is no crisis in the fashion market, you have to know how to change" Daniel Lee . Will instill the Celine spirit into the Daniel Lee brand. Will instill the spirit of Celine into the brand Photo: AFP Botega craze has spread to the top of the fashion world and it seems that for a long time it has not held such a sense of excitement in the industry. Designer Daniel Lee, who was appointed creative director of the veteran brand 12 months ago, is the hot name of the moment. Not much has been heard about the young British man, a 33-year-old Bradford native who was appointed to succeed Thomas Mayer, who has served in the post for the past 17 years. Even today, the occult prevails over the visible. Lee is hidden to the tools, he is not a partner in the fashion scene and has no Instagram account. Slipper Slipper Slipper Slipper Photo: Getty Images Bottega Venta, acquired in 2001 by the Pering Group-controlled Kering Group, was the weak link in the French conglomerate's luxury brand group that includes Gucci, Saint-Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and others.279 The brand currently operates around the world, where about 82% of sales are made, and 84% of the brand's revenue, according to the company's reports, is from the sale of accessories; Only 6% of the Pert-a-Forte collection. More than half of sales are made in Asia and Japan, in Western Europe the market share is 28% and in North America only 11%. According to the Financial Times, in 2018 the company's profits fell by 3.4% compared to 2017 to 1.1 billion euros. Coat, bag and boots Coat, bag and boots Photo: Getty Images The group believes that things will change for the better thanks to me. He may not be well known but many know and appreciate who his boss was in the seven years before his appointment: Phoebe Philo the creative director of the French brand Celine, who redefined the spirit of the time in the last decade, built a devoted fan base for her unique designs, and also translated her success For economic terms. The announcement of her departure, and her current retirement from the fashion world, about six months before his appointment, left her fan base around the world - known by fashion magazines as "the philophiles" - stunned and heartbroken. White Sandals White Sandals Photo: Getty Images In the age of searching for the next Phoebe Philo, Lee had a big advantage: not only was he part of her team, he was in charge of Celine's Pert-a-Forte collection until the departure and appointment of Hedi Suleiman in her place. Prior to that, he worked at the fashion houses of Margiala, Blanciega and Donna Karen. Braided Bag Braided Bag Photo: Getty Images The winter collection, the first he has presented since his appointment, has caused a stir. Back in December 2018, the brand released photos from the pre-fall collection - featuring leather items including wide bermuda shorts in an oversized cut, delicate silk knit leotards and elegant silk dresses. On social media there were already those who announced that Bottega Veneta is the new Celine. Really? Days will tell if his fingerprint becomes the order of the day and if it translates into tremendous economic success. From Bottega's Winter View. Aroused excitement on social media from Bottega's winter show. Excited on social media Photo: Getty Images Meanwhile, the fashion world is embracing it, fans of what is known on social media as "old Celine" find solace and hope in it. In the fashion world this super brand is synonymous with quality and luxury. Unlike other brands, Bottega and Netta's clothes and accessories never bore a logo, conveying classic luxury and aversion to trends. Lee, a graduate of the St. Martin's Academy of Design and the Arts, stated that his mission is to preserve the essence of a botga based on handicrafts, uncompromising quality and sophistication, but also to incorporate a sense of modernity into it. He wants to design “live in” clothes, as he said after the warmly received 2019 Winter Show. Seven months later he presented the Summer 2020 collection, again with rave reviews. Lee radiated determination and proved that he knows his customers and knows what they want. "I want to be bold," he said. “I find no interest in doing fashion that does not express anything. "Either they love it or they hate it - it's human nature." While the burden of proof is still on him, when it comes to financial success, his clear success on the street and in the industry - encouraging, bringing excitement in the air and a new vision of luxury and vocal elegance.

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