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September 07, 2020 2 min read

Instead of a swimsuit: Brad Pitt's girlfriend wears only a handkerchief. The new girlfriend of the world's most coveted man, continues to shell out new photos of her and show everyone why he actually chose her. This time, she decided to go for the strong trend of giving up a swimsuit top in favor of a headscarf. Well, it worked for her. We've already been warned that Brad Pitt's new and young girlfriend, model Nicole Potterlski, is someone worth noting in a fashion sense, and here she's already making us happy, and succeeding in fixing all eyes on her, with a simple and almost casual accessory that The goal, becomes a hysterical shit. 27-year-old Nicola smiles a huge smile in the picture, one can only imagine why, kneeling in a green field, wearing a pair of high-waisted black panties, wearing a trendy fifties swimsuit bottom, and her chest wrapped, lightly tied in the center, in a green silk handkerchief. This is not just a handkerchief or scarf, obviously. This is a privileged item, and the sharp-eyed immediately realized that it was a Fendi handkerchief adorned with the company's familiar logo. Nicola joins other stars who wore a headscarf as a legitimate shirt, the latest of which was Kendall Jenner, who wore a shiny nineties napkin from Staud, with matching pants, for dinner in LA. The photo, taken by a fellow photographer in Berlin, comes after more and photogenic posts from Germany, where she lives, and in general, Nicola's posts seem to be multiplying and becoming more professional from moment to moment. The talk right now in the industry is that Brad is looking for Nicola roles in the films of his leading production company, Flan B. The newlyweds refuse to comment on gossip, insisting that Angelina was furious when she heard Brad brought the young woman to the house where they were married, in France, days after The sixth marriage of the two. In the meantime, she seems to have reasons to smile, ride on the warm patronage of one of the biggest stars in the world, and increase her visibility on the net.

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