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September 12, 2020 2 min read

"I did things that were not me. I had pressure to show more skin" Two years after the collapse, Selena Gomez wants us to know that she is in complete control of her life, and also that she has her own new beauty brand. So she gives an open and revealing interview to a leading beauty magazine, and along the way wears some perfect outfits and reminds us all what an eternal beauty she is Almost two years have passed since Selena Gomez mentally collapsed, went into rehab and disappeared from the public eye for a long time. Since then she has gradually returned to social media (and lost, apparently in complete serenity, the title of "the most followed woman in the world" in favor of Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner) and slowly also to her cultural and fashionable work. Today, with the impressive success of her third solo album and recently also of the new hit with the k-pop band "Blackpink", there is no doubt that she looks healthier and more complete than ever, as evidenced by an article edited by her beauty magazine Allure. In an interview, the 28-year-old star, who recently made the requested move and launched her own cosmetics brand, talks about the process she went through on the way to the relaxed place she is today, after taking herself back to herself. She recreates, for example, the pressures that accompanied the promotion of her second album (on the cover of which she appears naked), when she was 23 and required to launch a sexual and seductive image. "I did things that weren't really me," Gomez says. "I was under pressure to look older, to show more skin. I really don't think that's who I was." Today, as mentioned, it looks different. "I am in complete control of my life and everything I do," Gomez is proud to declare. "So I want to say yes, I'm responsible for everything I do and everything that happens to me." We are not sure if this means that she is also responsible for the styling of the photos in the article, but either way - we really liked it. On the hair, Gomez shines in a kind of dark take on Frida Kahlo, in a black leather dress with a deep and romantic neckline and a matching headdress that matches her gathered hair and clean face except for a classic red lipstick. In other photos, she wears a stunning ensemble by designer Fe Noel, which includes a denim top with puffy and dominant sleeves and matching shorts, as well as a rock jacket with glittery fringes, and a hippie but combative look consisting of a colorful flower bow, two braids, a collar necklace and a white tank top with the caption " Or you will die. " The makeup, by the way, is perfect in each of the locks, which definitely makes us intrigued about the Rare Beauty label that the lady wants to promote there.

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