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August 28, 2020 2 min read

Flowers for Ralph Lauren The prestigious "Factory 54" chain has begun a series of collaborations with young and promising artists Factory 54 FashionArt as part of the global trend of collaboration between the fashion world and the art world, which has been expanding in recent decades, Factory 54 announced Collaboration with young Israeli artists Starting in the evening, the installation "You are my Flower" by Noa Klagsbald, sculptor and photographer, a graduate of the Department of Multidisciplinary Art at Shenkar, who handcrafted flower bouquets from buttoned shirts of iconic fashion houses, will be displayed in a store in Ramat Aviv. The network's second action, representing international brands, with local artists. The first project was with Tom Nesher who wrote and directed a short film. In the past, they initiated collaborations with artists, for example, a museum exhibition with singer Keren Ann. Now they seek to develop the field as part of their ongoing activities. "We understood that as a body that deals with fashion, we must be connected to the community and the place from which we grow," explains Yifat Irani, one of the factory owners. “We have always had a desire to connect the international and the local. We want to celebrate the work in Israel, and as a body with a public echo we have the opportunity to give it a stage. "Irani emphasizes the responsibility that fashion companies have in creating a different discourse." For example, Tom Nesher was chosen as a presenter with a desire to present a new presenter. . It's very easy to take someone beautiful, but this is no longer the place to be. "The work created by Noa Klagsbald The work created by Noa Klagsbald Photo: Noa Klagsbald For many years there has been a reciprocal relationship between the worlds of fashion and art. And the game between modern dance and avant-garde fashion by Ray Caucobo place de Gerson and choreographer Mars Cunningham in 1997. Painters, illustrators and photographers have become an important part of the fashion industry, and their creations add value to collections.Today they are not only in big fashion houses Kos, and not always translating into a commercial collection. Of the British brand Barbary and Polo Ralph Lauren denim shirts, which, she says, are "a connecting thread between the world of art and fashion, which takes on an extra dimension of solemnity and becomes a declaration of love." Serial in Israeli culture: The first boutique hotel in Israel, Beit Dolphin, and an old flour mill (photos of her dissertation, by the way, took place in Sde Boker, Ben Gurion's house, whose grandfather, Shabtai Tevet, wrote his biography). The works were also appreciated at the barbarian headquarters to which they were sent. Iranian, which funded the project, sees this as a bridge between Israeli culture and international brands. “There are interesting things in the country. This is our responsibility as a commercial entity and it has a demand. There are talented young artists here, and I see that clients are interested. It has a thirst here and the more they talk about it, the more it will develop. "

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