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August 30, 2020 1 min read

Eternal Fascist: Iris Apple is only 98 years old at the age of 98 Iris Apple does not stop. This week opened a new gallery in America dedicated to her huge collection of clothes Adar Richter 07: 5526.09.19 Tags: Iris AppleFashion Designer Last August, Fascist Iris Apple celebrated 98 and her career is still at its peak. Just six months ago, she joined the prestigious modeling agency IMG, where Giselle and Kate Moss are also signed. The honorable contract joins her many pursuits as an interior designer, businesswoman and fashion icon. It's not just that Apple calls itself "the oldest teenager in the world." Today she is known for her huge eyeglasses, plenty of jewelry and extravagant style, but already in the 50s she and her husband Carl set up a textile company that provided textiles for the White House. Iris Apple Iris Apple Photo: Gabriel de la Chapelle At the age of 90, she starred as the face of the makeup brand Mack, and since then has managed to launch a Barbie doll in her image, modeled for Kate Spade and Citroen campaigns, launched a bag line and designed clothes for Macy's. Last weekend, the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts launched the gallery of Iris and Carl Apple, which displays about a thousand items of clothing from her and her husband, who died four years ago at the age of 100. The items were collected for more than five decades and donated to the museum. The collection also includes handicrafts and accessories owned by the two, as well as Apple's great eyewear collection and jewelry.

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