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September 02, 2020 2 min read

Disco here again: A new film about the designer Leston The grandiose American designer dressed the glittering stars of Studio 54. The film reveals his complex life and legacy Fashion DesignLingerie Studio 54 American fashion Roy Halston in the documentary about his life, and he manages to summarize the essence of the film in one sentence. Read more in Calcalist: Designer Golan Taub: "I realized that fashion is a business" Louis Vuitton will promote green fashion with the help of Stella McCartney Fashion for Haredi women at the touch of a button Halston and Angelica Houston. Bigger than life Halston and Angelica Houston. Bigger than life Photo: berry berenson "Hellston" directed by Frederick Chang ("Dior and I", shown this month in cinemas and later in yes docu, tells the story of the man who became the home designer of Studio 54 in its heyday in the 1970s and dressed its stars , Including Bianca Jagger and Iman. The glittering minimalism he created conquered peaks, but today, although the fashion house that bears his name exists, almost nothing remains of his legacy. Halston began his career as a hatter in New York who soared and became famous mainly after designing a hat for Jacqueline Kennedy Socializing in Studio 54 with Andy Warhol and Lisa Minnelli, Chang describes his professional and personal development, from the early designs to the Great Depression, through archive footage and through many interviews with close friends and people who worked with him, from models to executives, all helping the viewer understand his complex personality. His perfectionism, thanks to which he turned from a boy who grew up in the Iowa of the dry age ("simple man," as his niece defined it in the film), into a member of the New York celebs of the 1960s and 1970s, introduces Halston as one who preceded his time in many ways: Photographing everyday situations behind the scenes of the show As is done today on social networks, he brought American fashion to Paris and French couture to American style, and initiated a collaboration with the popular chain of stores Jay. si. Penny (a move that was criticized at the time and is now very common among luxury brands). Halston was one of the first designers to enter the Chinese market, and one of the first to sell their brand name while alive (another move that shocked the fashion industry and is now accepted). He was one of the few who promoted black models, and large sizes at the time, and became a fashion designer who is also a celeb. The film ends two hours later with his death from AIDS in 1990. The script could have been edited more carefully, tightened and made into an hour-long film. On the other hand, there is no doubt that it is not really "Halston" to do it, because if you directed a one-hour film about Roy Halston, you probably did not understand what the film is about - a great man of life, a pompous personality, and a designer who wanted to dress the whole world.

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