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August 30, 2020 3 min read

Designer Rudy Granrich found the tip of the Granrich thread and invented the thong model for swimwear; Today he is considered a pioneer who has challenged issues such as nudity and gender, and his models are displayed in the museum and returned to the shelves Rudy GranichFashion Swimwear Exactly 45 years ago the state of California outlawed nudity. As a fashionable response to the ban, fashion designer Rudy Granrich invented the thong-cut swimsuit, whose version served as the perfect solution for all those who are interested and want to continue sunbathing without cover, despite everything; And at the same time also suitable for anyone who felt hurt while encountering naked bodies on the beach. This summer, Granrich's models gained renewed popularity. And the Los Angeles designer who died in 1985 - after registering his thong as a patent - has regained consciousness when swimwear in his design is sold on the luxury sites, and Read more at Calcalist: Whoopi Goldberg launches clothing brand called DUBGEE The Flower in the Gardens: Fashion designer Driss Van Notten does it all again One embroidery: Adish is a beautiful Israeli-Palestinian fashion brand Rudy Granrich. Predicted that they would not differentiate between male and female fashion Rudy Granrich. He predicted that they would not differentiate between male and female fashion Photo: Norman James Granrich, an Austrian-born Jew who moved to the United States with his family at the age of 16 during World War II, worked mainly in Hollywood. Even before he conceived the thong, he stunned the shores of the United States with the "Monokini" he designed in 1964 - the world's first topless swimsuit designed to consist of a bottom from which two thin straps stretch that leave the chest exposed. The original monokini model (first introduced by model Peggy Moffitt in photos published in the 1960s in the fashion magazine WWD), is now also for sale, and also comes in a less daring version that includes a strapless bra. Alongside it are also sold the original thong models, Granrich swimwear in "regular" cuts and a number of items of clothing. The designers who renewed the collection testify that they worked for half a year to successfully translate the past models made of nylon, into more contemporary materials from which swimsuits, such as polyamide and elastin, are made. The price range is from £ 120 for a strapless bra to £ 1,000 for pants. Models designed by Granrich Models designed by Granrich Photo: Getty Images It is no coincidence that Granrich's swimwear is back in fashion right now. The hype comes after his swimsuit was unveiled last May at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as part of the Camp: Notes on Fashion; And at a retrospective exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, where 80 of his designs were displayed. A visit to both exhibitions is reminiscent of how ingenious Greenrich was as a designer ahead of his time. He was a gay man who became a pioneer in the design of unisex fashion, designing identical swimsuits for women and men in the 1960s. He challenged topics that were considered taboo like sex, nudity and gender and predicted before everyone else that in the future people would not differentiate between female and male fashion, which is considered an idea that is a total provocation. Models designed by Granrich Models designed by Granrich Photo: Getty Images In the current era, where on the one hand a show of naked women in the media is immediately accused of wanting, and on the other hand Instagram is laden with Kardashian photos in minimal attire, and the provocative It seems that Granrich's design ideas still manage to fulfill everyone's satisfaction.

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