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September 06, 2020 3 min read

Chic and Agenda: This is the woman behind the successful Copenhagen Fashion Week Copenhagen Fashion Week was like a shot of resuscitation to the withered fashion industry due to the corona virus. So we checked out who is behind it and this is a woman full of winning Scandinavian style and surprising ambition to make this world a better place. Meet Cecily Thorsmark One of the happy events we had last month was Copenhagen Fashion Week. Somehow, he was the kind of CPR shot into the fashion industry that withered her during the difficult months of the corona. Copenhagen Fashion Week was the opening shot for a host of media and glittering fashion events that followed, symbolizing for us the industry’s return to near-full activity, alongside the necessary corona restrictions. At Copenhagen Fashion Week we were enthusiastic about the exact style of some of the fashionistas, but the one who caught our eye especially is the one who wins from the sidelines over everything with a level hand - Copenhagen Fashion Week director Cecily Thorsmark, who is also a sophisticated mega-style anchor. Thorsmark, 37, was appointed to the prestigious position two years ago. She previously served as a spokesperson for the event, which takes place twice a year in Denmark and aims to brand the city as one of the world fashion capitals. As it seems at the moment, Denmark is quite on its way there. Aside from the desire to promote the fashion industry in the Scandinavian countries, Thorsmark also has a very clear agenda of promoting the values ​​of sustainability, preserving the planet and reducing the pollution produced by the fashion industry. Since Thorsmark took office, she has laid the groundwork for a plan to reduce the damage to the planet as a result of fashion production. Last January, it unveiled a multi-section program, which includes the ban on the use of disposable plastic at Fashion Week events and a commitment on the part of participants to recycle the materials used. The list of designers who will be allowed to present at Copenhagen Fashion Week will also be carefully selected and will be required to present fair working conditions, use of environmentally friendly materials, a commitment not to destroy unused clothes and design the decor on the runway in a way that does not create garbage at the end of the show. Only those who meet the requirements and are defined as a brand that promotes environmental values ​​- will be allowed to participate. "I saw Fashion Week and realized it was going old-fashioned," Thorsmark explained in an interview after this press conference. "Fashion Week is about new trends and what to wear in half a year, but what if we take this platform, which has a very big voice in the fashion industry, and try to make an impact? We will use Fashion Week to push and promote a sustainable industry," she claimed. Thorsmark, with its ambition and kicking agenda, also has an Instagram account that is fun to immerse yourself in. There is a huge presence of fashion with glimpses of designer shows and collections, memories of fashion weeks and its exact style at those events, touches of her life routine, which includes quite a few stylish friends - and many, many equal looks that can inspire us all. The color of the clothes Thorsmark wears well matches the term "Scandinavian", as the design of this word signifies a minimalist style - so does Thorsmark's wardrobe, which consists of shades of black-white-brown and beige, and sometimes touches of navy blue or pink. Soft pastels. Her favorite cuts are mostly oversized - large dresses, puffy sleeves, wide suits and large male button-down shirts. Everything that is far from the body but still manages to compliment it - is there. She wears super-brands like Balenciaga, Ghani or Saks Potts but compliments quite a few young designers or small brands. If then you were looking to refresh your feed with someone new, Thorsmark could totally be your one. It promotes important values ​​and boasts a refreshing and precise style and this is the combination we all really need.

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