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September 11, 2020 3 min read

Bad for Glory: We will never forget these Kardashian style moments It is easy to get confused and assume that the Kardashians are always what they are today: the almost exclusive forerunners and dictators of almost every trend in the worlds of fashion, makeup, body shaping, lifestyle and pop culture as a whole. Especially in these days of summary and parting, it is advisable to look at the long and gradual process they went through to their current status, and only to further appreciate their work by Many people refer to the Kardashian genres as a bunch of meteors in terms of the impact on public opinion and the economic success that comes with it. But a more sober look shows us that the Kardashian family has taken over the world step by step, gradually and patiently. Now, after thirteen years of cultural thought craft, they announce the closure of the main basta that has known them to the world, and move on. Along with all the changes the women went through in their private lives, and the emotional roller coasters that provided a drama that nourished twenty seasons, we also saw a lot of fashionable changes - whether physical in terms of body, hair and makeup choices, or clothing, accessories, and of course clothing, toning empires And the beauty of them all went inside. The brave who come in to watch the first seasons will meet there much less spoiled and polished versions of the collection of divas we know today. Kim has quite a bit of self-humor on the subject, of course, and recently told Vogue that in the early 2000s her entire closet was filled with Juicy Couture: "It was either a tight-fitting dress with sequins and satin and heels, or Juicy Couture and the Vianas," she said. "That's all I wore." This is true for all girls in the beginning, somewhere before they began to develop a lust for real couture. The family boutique at the time, "Dash", also dictated quite a bit of the election. The significant change in Kim's style took place, as is well known, when she met Kenya. In one episode from 2012, the rapper / icon / presidential candidate arrives and takes most of the clothes out of the closet, promising that the makeover will win her instead of the best dress lists. That's where the color palette so recognizable today, of all shades of beige and mobile, began. Kenya was right, of course, and the new style swept the rest as well. The family aesthetic we all know and love was born. Dash was replaced by Izzy, and with Izzy came many items from the sports world - but very far from Juicy Couture. Sneakers, baseball caps and oversized sweatshirts entered the arena. Other extras that cannot be ignored: Kylie's makeup swept the world, followed by that of Kim, for the contouring, the sharp wigs and much affection for the nineties and the designers and supermodels of that era. At the same time the fashion weeks were added to the girls' schedule, Kendall became a major muse, and their wardrobes were filled with collectibles. The reality show and family campaigns, for their businesses and also for Calvin Klein, for example, kept girls uniform, with a clear family-fashion line, while on Instagram Their personalities, however, have endeavored and succeeded in producing relative differentiation and individuality.A bit like the Spice Girls, each has found the characteristic identified with her, and those who know them can never be confused with them.Their children, who multiply at a dizzying pace, continue their fashionable lines and are shaped So did the audience that grew up on them. And in that sense, even after the show, there seems to be no chance they're going anywhere. The Kardashians are here to stay.

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