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August 28, 2020 2 min read

Armenian, Versace and also Gucci: The fashion industry is mobilizing for Italy designers and influencers are contributing and raising millions for treatment and research. Among them: designer Giorgio Armani who announced a donation of 1.25 million euros and Chiara Franny, entrepreneur, fashion blogger and influencer with 18.7 million followers on the network, who together with her partner the rapper raised over 3 million euros FashionCoronaCoronaCoronaCorona In the fashion world, they joined the fight against Corona even before the virus reached Italy and led to the deaths of many and the collapse of the health system. In January, the LVMH corporation donated $ 3.1 million to the Chinese Red Cross and so did the French conglomerate Kering, which owns luxury brands Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint-Laurent and Balenciaga. Read more in Calcalist: Designer Doreen Frankfurt: "If I hung on fabrics from China, I would be paralyzed" Exciting: Italians sing on leaps and bounds in Italy Of the Chinese who make up 38% of the consumers of the global fashion industry threaten a slowdown in the entire industry.Right: Super Armani designer donated 1.25 million.Entrepreneur and blogger Kiara Franny raised over € 3 million € 1 million Photo: API The Kering Group has just announced that it will donate another € 2 million to the fight in Italy, and designer Giorgio Armani has also announced that he will donate € 1.25 million, and Gucci chairman Marco Bizari has made a personal donation of € 100,000 To the battered Italy that every day the number of those infected increases by the thousands, and hundreds die. "Our health system struggling with Covid-19 is heroic and needs all our possible support," he told WWD. "The countries that have fought the virus before us have proven that the work of scientists and healthcare professionals is expensive and important and that taking precautions is essential." But it is not just the giant corporations that are mobilizing for war. Last week, an exciting call came out on the net from Kiara Franny, an entrepreneur, fashion blogger and influencer, with 18.7 million followers on the net. Franny, one of the most successful digital ventures in the world, posted an exciting post on Instagram calling on Italians to obey government instructions and stay home. "I call on each of you to talk about this problem. I can not understand people in Milan going shopping. Publish, write, that people will understand that this is a serious problem today, that they will understand that change is needed." The next day she posted another post with her Italian rapper partner Federico Lucia, known as Pades, in which the two announced that they were donating 100,000 euros to the intensive care unit at San Raffa Hospital in Milan and called for mass recruitment. In a short time they managed to raise over 3 million euros. Designer Sarah Batalia has also announced that she will donate 50% of her online sales to research. "I think fashion should continue to inspire and at the same time play an important role in the struggle and show social responsibility," she wrote in a post she posted on Instagram.

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