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August 31, 2020 1 min read

Ancestor Heritage: Stella McCartney Following the Beatles The Designer Celebrates Her Father's Musical Heritage in a New Collection Inspired by "Yellow Submarine"  Stella McCartney Yellow Submarine Last year, "Yellow Submarine" "It was a small screening but all the Beatles' children and grandchildren were there," his daughter, successful designer Stella McCartney, told the Guardian. Read more at Calcalist: Fashion for Haredi Women at the Touch of a Finger: Flip-flops To the front of the stage, the bride from Ashdod: Ricky Dalal's international brand Following the re-viewing, McCartney decided to design a collection inspired by him. "It hit me really hard. The film feels so contemporary and belongs to everything we talk about in the present. I left with the feeling that the wind was blowing on me. I felt I had to do something with it, "she says. Billy Aylish wears Stella McCartney Billy Aylish wears Stella McCartney The collection called" All together now "includes colorful and psychedelic prints, T-shirts and sweaters with the Beatles' faces, a patchwork jacket and lines from the songs Theirs, and a fur coat (not real, of course) adorned with "yellow submarine" figures.The models are part of the designer's autumn collection, and it was launched this month in a private screening of "Yellow Submarine" at Notting Hill in London, featuring distinctive Sixties icons including Twiggy. Glastonbury featured 17-year-old Billy Aylish, the most popular pop star in the world right now, in a McCartney suit from the collection that includes colorful prints of the evil "Blue Minis" from the film.

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