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August 29, 2020 3 min read

Alexa Chang is now also coming to Netflix Chang, a fashionista from a young age and a fashion entrepreneur dresser in everything, is now also coming to Netflix with a new fashion reality Alexa Changopenh model Netflix Anna Wintour described her as a "phenomenon", in The New York Times has long declared her "Kate Moss of the new generation" and Karl Lagerfeld saw her as a muse and called her "a modern, beautiful and smart girl." Alexa Chang, host of the reality show "Next Fashion" (alongside Tan France) which aired on Netflix - meets the settings and even more. She is a fashion anchor and former model, a fashion designer who launched a brand that bears her name, a TV presenter and entrepreneur, and even managed to write a book. Chang is an It Girl who has maintained relevance over the years, and does so with great grace. Alexa Chang. In the "Next Fashion" show she manages to get everyone to identify with her and her laid-back look Alexa Chang. In the "Next Fashion" show she manages to get everyone to identify with her and her laid-back look Photo: Anthony Ghnassia is the daughter of a British mother and a British father of Chinese descent. Her path as a model 20 years ago when she was 16. She led campaigns of luxury brands including Chanel, Longshamp, Donna Karen and Lacoste, and a company collaborating with leading brands. Among others, the sneaker brand Superga, and the jeans brand AJ, Marks & Spencer and Jay Crew. In 2009, the British brand Mulberry launched a portfolio inspired by it - the Alexa portfolio - which led to a 79% increase in the brand's sales the following year. In 2016 she was a partner in launching a shopping app that allows surfers to follow people who are role models to see which items are on their shopping list and buy them. In 2017 she launched a fashion brand that bears her name and is identified with her and her clothing style: VILLOID. Chang is graceful, handsome, with a sense of humor, does not take herself too seriously, is terribly thin (her slender legs are conspicuous when viewed) and has an effortless, intelligent though not overly special or original style of dress. So does the new show wearing plain-looking pants and a button-down shirt with Birkenstock-style flip-flops, as well as wearing a glittery Christopher Kane a la rock-and-roll mini dress with ankle boots, as well as a great Richard Quinn evening gown. "The first character I fell in love with in her style of dress was Annie Hall in Woody Allen's film," she wrote in her book "It" which was published in 2013, but her inspirations are different and varied, she adds, for example, Lib Tyler in "Empire Records", Charlotte Rampling in Night's Goalkeeper, Natalie Portman in "Leon" and Christina Ritchie in "The Adams Family". Chang has gained a lot of power on social media, as evidenced by her 3.6 million followers on Instagram, and more than 350,000 on her YouTube channel. There she does not hesitate to share her private life as well. For example, she broke up last year with Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård, and is now in a relationship with Orson Fry, the heir to the Chocolate Fry empire. In "Next Fashion", 18 fashion designers from around the world are competing for a prize of $ 250,000 and the possibility of selling their designs on the prestigious online site Net a-Porta. Unlike other formats, they are relatively old designers in the market but not recognized. In the program, Chang changes costumes, gives advice and graciously reports on trends. In addition, she stretches with constructive nonchalant criticism constructive criticism, from her point of view as a designer herself. Somehow she makes everyone, including the viewers, identify with her and her relaxed and natural look, and believe in her sincerity, which is perhaps what inspires her.

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