Best Netfilx Shows Coming In 2024- Get Ready In Advance For These Beloved Shows!

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By Bhargab Kaushik

People all over the world find it exciting to wait with anticipation for next series in the ever-changing television environment. As 2023 comes to a close, the entertainment sector is ready to unleash a torrent of intriguing stories, innovative ideas, and star-studded performances that will irrevocably alter the way we watch television for the following year, 2024.

With Netflix streaming competing for our attention, its cutting-edge and excellent material is sure to captivate people. Five upcoming shows that will be worth your wait in 2024 are listed below. With a tantalizing look into the entertainment industry’s future, we will take you on a tour through the fascinating world of new TV shows in this article.

Best Netfilx Shows Coming In 2024- Get Ready In Advance For These Beloved Shows!

Emily In Paris

The fourth season was scheduled to start production in the summer of 2023, but when the writers’ strike started, it was delayed until the following fall. The strike by actors came next, and by the fall of 2023, neither strike had ended. When we meet Emily return in season 4, she will be coping with the numerous bombshells dropped in the season 3 finale. After Alfie dumped her and a pregnant Camille abandoned Gabriel in front of the altar, Emily and Gabriel are left in the shattered pieces with nothing except their shared devotion for one another. For the time being, the following chapter should be released no earlier than the summer or fall of 2024.

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Heartstopper’s second season, which expanded the scope of the series to focus on more ancillary characters and build the story around its central characters, Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke), was excellent. During the last moments of the second season, Nick and Charlie have a heated argument that almost leads to the utterance of the four essential words, “I love you.” Thankfully, when Heartstopper season 3 is revealed, we’ll learn if the beautiful couple switches I love yous.


Vergara, an Emmy nominee, portrays the title character, Griselda Blanco. One of the richest cartels in history was formed in part because to the Colombian entrepreneur. In the past year, there have been a ton of popular Netflix limited series. Undoubtedly, Griselda will be added to the list. Since Vergara is nominated for an Emmy for her work on the ABC series Modern Family, there will undoubtedly be some awards buzz surrounding her.

The Lincoln Lawyer 

In the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey takes on another challenging case that has personal resonance. Micky starts dating Lisa (Lana Parrilla, a chef involved in a court battle with a neighboring developer. When she is charged with killing him, Mickey defends her in court. The story of Mickey becoming involved in a murder investigation that may not be as straightforward as we think it is will be explored in the season finale, which is once again based on a book by Michael Connelly. One possibility is looking into Glory Days’ passing.

Boy Swallows Universe

One of the new Australian shows coming to Netflix is Boy Swallows Universe, a crime drama series based on Trent Dalton’s book. A young child is reportedly suffering with a “lost father, a mute brother, a junkie mother, a heroin dealer for a stepfather, and a notorious criminal for a babysitter” in this coming-of-age tale set in the 1980s.

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We can anticipate being taken to new locations, interacting with complex people, and going on amazing journeys as spectators. The following TV show will highlight the medium’s dynamic nature and capacity for amusement, inspiration, and conversation. So be ready to tune in and start a thrilling television revolution that will undoubtedly have us eagerly anticipating each new episode.

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