Kurt Angle, 54, ‘barely making it’ as arms have shrunk and body is numb from WWE injuries

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By Bhargab Kaushik

Kurt Angle, a legendary wrestler for the WWE, has spoken up about the terrible effects of his job.

The 54-year-old Hall of Famer, who is most known for winning an Olympic gold medal in 1996 while sporting a fractured neck, has endured a long list of horrific injuries throughout his amateur career, his time with WWE, and his previous tenure in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling.

Kurt Angle, 54, 'barely making it' as arms have shrunk and body is numb from WWE injuries

He has previously been open about the health problems he still has, but right now he is “barely making it.”

“I’ve always had issues with my hand motor skills.” In the WWE, I broke my neck a further four times, and each time it became worse. I mean, my neck’s nerves are damaged,’ he explained.

‘My neck was simply so messed up that I lost three inches in both of my arms, and they atrophied. None of the five operations I’ve undergone have actually helped. I’ll eventually need fusion surgery, which will take place in the future.

As a result of his numerous injuries, the former world champion has lost strength as well as length in both arms.

My pinky fingers aren’t responding. My arms have a lot of atrophy. I’m not particularly strong. I can curl dumbbells that weigh about 20 pounds. He admitted on the Joe Rogen Experience that he could only move the weights forward by roughly 60 pounds when performing triceps exercises.

I don’t have a lot of upper body strength. You may see a dip in my chest here if you look at it closely. From my neck, that. That nerve passed away, so the muscle in my chest is no longer there.

“My chest is completely vibrating.” It won’t happen again and I’m scared it will, so I need to get a fusion as soon as possible because if I wait, the damage will only grow worse and my arms will eventually become completely immobile.

Angle acknowledged that he is “struggling” right now and that, as a result of poor circulation, his fingers are “always cold.”

“My fingers are freezing cold because I have pinched nerves that are preventing blood flow down my arms.” They’re constantly cold. He said, “I don’t have any circulation.”

“This is all extra skin from how big my arms used to be,” I said. I’m currently barely getting by. My arms had grown to 15 inches. They were 18 or 19 inches in the past. I’m currently having trouble.


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