10 Best Sci Fi Movies On Netflix- What Is Trending In The Sci Fi World?

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By Bhargab Kaushik

In recent years, Netflix has greatly expanded its selection of science fiction films, several of which are included in our list of the 100 Best Sci-Fi Films of All Time. The streaming service offers a wide variety of movies, but it excels in independent works from the twenty-first century like Okja, Snowpiercer, and The Mitchells vs. The Machines.

10 Best Sci Fi Movies On Netflix- What Is Trending In The Sci Fi World?

The great selection also benefits from Netflix originals like Project Power and The Platform. Go back and watch Zendaya’s Dune if you want an exciting experience. Netflix offers a fascinating opportunity to explore the worlds of science fiction, whether it is through extraterrestrial encounters, superheroes, space travel, technological dangers, or peeks into the future. The top ten films will be discussed first.


The science fiction film Arrival investigates what happens after an alien invasion of Earth. The days that come after can only be described as chaotic. The story of the movie is compelling, startling, and dramatic, and it is supported by a deep sense of compassion. For those who are eager to delve into its complexities, Arrival also provides a deeper subtext. It is a magnificent and sophisticated piece of work that manages to execute with both strength and delicacy.


The main character of the sci-fi movie “Snowpiercer,” which is set in a future post-apocalyptic society, is a huge train called the “Snowpiercer.” A disastrous government experiment has left the earth frozen and bleak, and humanity’s final hope of survival is this perpetual-motion train. Two armies are involved in a suspenseful and aesthetically amazing battle scene inside this train, as metal clashes with metal and characters easily slice through foes. The scenario combines gore, creativity, terror, beauty, and sheer majesty in a captivating way.

The Thing

The horrific survival thriller known as The Thing is a forerunner to John Carpenter’s renowned horror film of the same name. Sam Carter, a former soldier and helicopter pilot, and Kate Lloyd, a scientist working with a Norwegian Antarctic research team, are featured in the film The Thing. Kate Lloyd finds a mysterious ship belonging to an extraterrestrial species buried deep beneath the ice. They turn against one another and battle their own psychosis for existence as the evil alien parasite rises and seizes the isolated Arctic outpost team.


Within its first five minutes, Okja brazenly takes artistic risks that far exceed the level of risk-taking present in many films as a whole. The movie keeps up this speed the entire time, presenting an apparently unpredictable tone that includes passion, suspense, exhilarating action, whimsy, terror, and even Jake Gyllenhaal’s cryptic performance. This kind of tonal intricacy is typical of Bong Joon-ho’s films, which are complicated and nuanced but lack subtlety or restraint. The films of Bong Joon-ho embrace a dense integration of several agendas while also paying close attention to detail.

The Platform

The Platform’s appeal is derived from its straightforward yet intriguing notion and from the purposeful omission of pointless details from the audience. The specific reasons why individuals are imprisoned in a horrifying, vertical prison building or the details of the sociological experiment are not extensively explored in the movie. Instead, it draws our attention to the daily descent of a stone slab containing perishable food. Our curiosity is heightened by the frequent glimpses of chefs creating delectable meals for the convicts.


Gemma and Tom, played by the excellent Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg, find themselves starting the process of purchasing their first home as the plot progresses. They appear harmless and upbeat at first. However, when a straightforward house tour takes them to a strange and unpleasant area, their innocence gradually disappears. Their attempts to flee this suburban horror only bring them back to the same house time and time again. The movie creates a cramped and tight environment, reflecting Gemma and Tom’s disintegration as their predicament gets more and more oppressive.

See You Yesterday

C.J. Walker (Eden Duncan-Smith) and Sebastian Thomas, her best friend, are working hard to avert the tragic death of C.J.’s brother at the hands of a racist police officer. They learn how to travel through time, and they use it to go back in time and stop his passing. The movie deftly builds a sci-fi world that replicates the continual pattern of police shootings by weaving together the themes of police brutality and the frequent tragedies experienced by Black communities. This highlights the impression of being stuck in a time loop that society has yet to escape.


Following a group of US Army soldiers stationed in Moldova, Spectral is a riveting military action thriller. When they encounter a lethal and enigmatic monster that instantly annihilates everyone it touches, their mission takes a terrible turn. The hypnotic appearance of the apparitions and their merciless pace in eliminating the highly skilled US special-ops soldiers are what make this movie so captivating.

Rim of the World

An extraterrestrial invasion disrupts a group of misfit youngsters’ summer camp, leaving them stranded. This story is the focus of the thrilling adventure movie Rim of the World. These four unlikely heroes, who hold the future of humanity in their hands, must put aside their disagreements and travel across the state to fend off the alien invaders. The movie features inspirational scenes and exciting monster designs that are sure to excite viewers and make them root for the brave young characters.

They Cloned Tyrone

As he deftly interweaves the stories of a hustler, a pimp, and a sex worker who unintentionally unearth a vast government conspiracy hiding in their own neighborhood, Taylor’s singular vision breathes new life into a well-known genre. Sharp satire and a deliciously ridiculous sense of humor are woven throughout the narrative, which perfectly supports the dynamic three. With her unique vision, Taylor’s direction creates a beautifully stylized design that deftly combines parts of retro charm with a futuristic vibe.


As the science fiction cinema genre keeps growing and pushing the borders of our imagination, we eagerly anticipate its future and the new planets it will take us to. We hope you enjoy watching the films listed above because the top 10 science fiction movies are a testament to the strength of storytelling and the genre’s ongoing effect on our collective imagination.

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